cropped-raam_family.jpg Sharing our love for natural living is our passion. Conscious parenting and inner transformation is our mission.We might be making a big mess in our kitchen or devouring favorite vegan-vegetarian meal at this moment. We might be doing yoga or meditation. Or perhaps having a long run on rural roads of Southwest China. Trough meditation, yoga and ancient purification methods we striving to reach optimal health for our family. Over 20 years of holistic experience brought us to the place where we want to share this life transformative practices and secrets with you.
No matter what is going on, our family of five is always on the road to healthier, happier and more abundant family life. While having this transformation experience we are having great joy in sharing our learning process. And if our journey get to inspire anyone then we are grateful beyond measure.

About Author


Jelena Raam is a holistic healing practitioner and Yoga instructor and Ayurveda technician. Behind her are years of work in one of the best Ayurveda healing center and teaching in private consciousness based education school in the U.S. During her 17 years of experience in home school education in Europe and U.S. she developed methods for self expression and empowerment of men, women and children.

Trough her work she builds strong foundation for healthy, happy and united family relations. While using yoga, meditation and vegan dietary habits as well as experience of home birth with her husband Yole, Jelena is rising her three children through methods of positive discipline and non violent communication. She deeply believes that the only way for healthy family relations and healthy, strong and peaceful civilization is through self realization.

To help people start healthy new family life, achieve balanced physiology, enrich their personal and family life she uses principles of yoga, conscious based education and parenting, positive discipline as well as ancient and alternative ways for purification of body and mind.
Her desire to make the World the better place inspired her to share her knowledge and insights with families of China in hope to bring health, happiness and prosperity into their lives.