Welcome To World Capital Of Yoga

                             Dates: June 4th – June 26th   

  • Experience burst of energy and tap into new mental and physical resources
  • Remove the original root cause of diseases
  • Strengthen the immune system 
  • Eliminate the stress and toxins from the deepest level of your physiology 
  • Find yourself rejuvenated and bring your beauty on a new level
  • Natural methods without harmful side effects
  • Become more flexible, supple and intuitive with our daily yoga, breathing and guided meditation classes

Jelena Raam will be your personal guide through experience of deep inner transformation on this healing Journey.

She invites you to experience India together!

Jelena Raam  Will be your retreat guide and yoga instructor. She has almost 20 years of experience in holistic and ancient healing technology of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. Tuning into Feminine intelligence by giving natural birth at home without doctors or modern drugs she gained insights for better self understanding and trust in our own feminine power. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with women around the world. As yoga instructor, Ayurvedic practitioner as well as homeschooling mother of three she gained knowledge and techniques for nonviolent communication and natural healing of women that can benefit everyone who seek more clarity and vitality in its performance. Jelena has slow Vinyasa flow style of teaching yoga with accent on breathtaking practices and yoga philosophy. She teaches importance of dietary influence on body and mind connection and it’s significance in our overall impact in the world. She advocates and deeply believes that mothers/women will heal the World by healing themselves. 

      Our Journey in Yoga Capital Of The World Rishikesh 

10, 15 or 21  days to “Heal and Awaken Deep Inner  n Your New Self


World Capital of Yoga – Rishikesh, India 

Eco-friendly place near the banks of Holy river Ganges in Northern India.  Rishikesh is the only destination in the world which is equally popular for pilgrimage tourism, Yoga, Meditation and Adventure sports.

Authentic Ayurveda by World-class Ayurveda Specialists-PROGRAMS:

Modern Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment

1. Natural Detoxification -Panchakarma

2. Light Therapy with Gems

3. Mantra Therapy- Stress Management

4. Energy Medicine (Prana Chikitsa)

5. Therapeutic Yoga Programs

6. Weight Harmonizing

7. Pulse Diagnosis

8. Jyotish Consultations

9. Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Meditation and Guided Meditation

Early bird registration open till May 10th. Hurry few spots left with this amazing offer!!

Dates: June 4th – June 26th   Price only: US $ 108 per day for yogi experience accommodation with all detox, Pancha Karma and yoga programs included and US $ 260 for luxurious experience with all detox, Pancha Karma and yoga programs included.

Room + all Treatments & Ayurvedic Organic Cuisine and yoga classes Included

Contact- English: Jelena Raam at  for 10, 15 or 21 day option!!

To Reserve your Room deposit $ 250: PayPal

Below is a Brief Explanation of Programs Prepared

to Regenerate your Health & Beauty:

What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma – is an ancient detoxification system has been successfully used for over 3,000 years in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine system).

Panchakarma is a subtle deep purification system, strengthening the immune system and giving a new vitality.

According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of seven tissue levels consistently receiving and distributing nutritious substance from one to another:

Rasa (lymph), Rakta (blood), Mamsa (muscle tissue), Meda (fat tissue), Asthi (bone), Maja (nerve tissue), and the deepest one – Shukra (reproductive cells). From the very beginning of our birth, these tissues have been working properly and in coordination with each other.

But with time, due to stress, bad environment, lifestyle mistakes, the balance of these tissues becomes broken, resulting the immediate formation and collecting of toxins in weak areas of the body like bones, muscles, nerves. Energy becomes blocked, a person begins to feel weak, dull, his intellectual and physical ability reduces, and finally the disease arise.

Panchakarma works with the deep body cleansing up to the deepest level of Shukra, and removes the original cause – the root of the disease.

This program eliminates the stress and toxins from the deepest level, naturally eliminating unwanted substance. When the body is purified of all bad substances, a person experiences a burst of energy, new mental and physical resources. The disease and it’s background disappears.

Panchakarma system of our Center includes a set of effective natural treatment using fresh oils and herbs, which are prescribed by the experienced doctor at a personal consultation.

The Panchakarma duration is from 10 to 21 days.

Panchakarma consists of three stages:

1) Preparation,  2) Cleansing 3) Regeneration

Each stage is monitored and maintained by an experienced Ayurvedic physician.

Chose Your Option:

  1. Panchakarma “Basic cleansing” -10 days.
  2. Panchakarma “Awakening New resources” – 15 days.
  3. Panchakarma “Deep detoxification for existing dis-balance” – 21 days.

If necessary, you can choose a different duration of the course, with the advice of a doctor.

Panchakarma to Regenerate your Health and Beauty Treatments:

 Abhyanga means “smoothing the body with oiling.” Ayurvedic oil massage is part of the pre-treatment therapy before and during Panchakarma. For this massage we order the best organic herbal oils, and prescribe it personally for each patient in each procedure. The massage is performed in a synchronous manner by two technicians-therapists. Massage brings the following effect: soothes Vata dosha, gives a feeling of lightness and stability, makes the skin smooth and shiny, brings shine to a face, strengthens the physical and mental resources, heals fatigue, stops the aging process, improves sleep, removes toxins. Best massage for calming and soothing .

 Shirodhara is a continuous gentle liquid flow of on the forehead and crown. There are 4 types of Shirodhara: with warm oil, milk, yogurt and herbal decoction.

Shirodhara brings mind balancing, mental stability, increases vitality. Shirodhara treats insomnia, relieves fatigue, prevents premature graying of hair, treats of migraine, relieves headaches, balances high blood pressure, makes the skin soft and beautiful, helps with neuralgia, have a strong influence on the nervous system by calming the mind and all senses.

Swedana – herbal steaming, usually using after the proper oil massage Abhyanga. It brings a natural perspiration by influencing the body with natural decoction made of special selected herbs. Heat of Swedana liquefies toxins and removes them through the skin pores, helping them to leave freely the body. Swedana warms, soothes, nourishes the body, gives feeling of lightness.

 Shirobasti – a rich herbal oil is poured into a special cap, which is set on the patient’s head.

The procedure is beneficial for headaches, stress, migraines, insomnia, various disorders of Vata dosha, facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, improves vision, improves memory and intelligence, reduces hypersensitivity.


In Netra Tarpan medicated ghee carefully poured into small basins on the eye area. This treatment is especially useful for violations of Vata and Pitta dosha, and for cases of low vision, dry eye, conjunctivitis. Brings shine and attractiveness to the eyes.

 Navara kiri

In the procedure are used cotton bags filled with a specially prepared rice. Rice cookes with milk and herbal decoction until it comes to the soft condition. Then starts massage with these bags covering all the body surface.

Useful for muscle weakness, diseases of Vata, pain in the joints, diseases of the head, arthritis. Stops premature aging, fatigue, gives energy, improves circulation, cleanses the channels.

Special Programs:

  • Weight Harmonizing 
  • Source of Power
  • Natural Beauty
  • The way to Self
  • Stress Management
  • Five Steps to Rejuvenation

Therapeutic Yoga Programs

 Yoga is a versatile complete system that can give a person a perfectly developed body, energy balance and calm state of mind.

It is no secret that in modern world Yoga effectively manages the stress, helps the person to integrate harmoniously into the environment.

Yoga cultivates health and well-being (physical, emotional, mental and social) through the regular practice of a number of a wide variety of methods, including asanas (physical exercises), awareness of your body, breathing exercises(pranayama), relaxation techniques and concentration.

 Ayurveda shows Yoga from a different angle: according to the ancient system of rejuvenation, yoga is nothing but the key to health. 

Jelena will focus on Hatha yoga gentle flow with accent on the pranayama. Sound meditation as well as yoga Nidra for deep stress relief. 

 In the Avyukta Ayurveda Centre  experienced specialists of yoga and yoga-therapy will provide you with one practice in the afternoon of the best training programs and you will achieve the desired aims – to harmonize weight, strengthen muscles, relieve tension and blocks.

Light Therapy with Gems

The unique Light Therapy technology, using precious stones, works on the specific parts of the body with a soft ray of light that passes through the high-quality precious stones, such as: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc. This technology is already several thousand years, and only now modern scientists have framed it in a convenient, effective form. 

Each gemstone has its own molecular structure, the color spectrum and color and it’s related with one or more bodily systems. In a short session a person receives a balancing effect for the mind, body and emotions.

Therapy sessions re enjoyable, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. The impact of this therapy activates the hidden mechanisms of self-healing, and brings the balance of the nervous system.

A special crystal structure, color characteristic and the certain light of each gemstone affect the deepest energy levels, and a person experiences the deep happiness.

 Mantra Therapy

Mantra therapy is a special section of the ancient Ayurveda, aimed to heal with the certain sound vibrations.

Mantras – are ancient sacred formulas designed to heal the body and mind. Mantras are able to restore the weak parts, to balance the energy centers and channels. Chanted by experienced specialists (vidyas) specifically, the mantras bring the transforming power that affects the physical imbalances, diseases and disorders of the mind.

The mantras, their style, rhythm, intonation should be in order with a certain spiritual tradition in India, giving from teacher to student.

 In Avyukta Ayurveda Center the individual sessions of mantra therapy are available.

Energy Medicine (Prana Chikitsa)

Prana (Sanskrit “breath” or “life.”) – In the traditional Indian medicine is the vital energy that permeates the entire universe and all its objects. In the human body through the breathing prana enters the body and moves through subtle energy channels – Nadi. This energy gives vitality, enthusiasm, vigor, mental clarity, strength and immunity. If for some reason this energy is blocked (as a result e of the psycho-somatic blocks, stress, injury, accumulation of toxins, etc.), there come a lack of vitality, the energy flow is blocked.

 Prana Cikitsita ( “Pranic healing” or “Healing with prana “) is an ancient healing system of Ayurveda which was available to the traditional doctors, who knew the secret energy connections in the body channels and mechanisms of recovering. With the special techniques, the doctor finds a blocked places and restores the flow of prana, returning the movement of the life force.

Jyotish Consultations (Extra fee) 

 Personal consultation on the ancient Indian astrology – Jyotish.

Jyotish – is a comprehensive science that can unfold your strong points of personality, true abilities, talents, and give the right direction for the development in life.

The astrologer will give the practical advice on improving your life situation.

You will learn:

Which fields are suitable for your business and profits.

When to start a project or business.

What health areas to be protected.

Which region is good for your living.

When you meet a decent partner for marriage and compatibility.

What will enhance your abilities and protect you from negative influences.

  Modern Diagnostics

In Avyukta Ayurveda Center,  the necessary diagnostic methods of modern medicine are available.

We cooperate with a modern diagnostics center, equipped for a full body examination: MRI, 64 Slice CT Scan, Digital X-ray, ECG and all necessary analysis.

 Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse in Ayurveda is considered to be not only the identifier of a cardiac activity, but also as a deep source of knowledge, giving the information about the work of our systems, organs, tissues and mind.

Our body is constantly changing cycles and vibrations: blood circulation, respiration, nerve impulses, hormone balance. Ancient Ayurvedic doctors knew the certain reflection of these systems on the human pulse, called it Nadi Vigyan (knowledge about the channels of the body) and were using it to identify diagnoses and treatment.

According to Ayurvedic science, there are three significant energies (doshas), which are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They present in the environment and also in the human body.  The functioning of our body directly depends on the inner work of these energies.

Vata dosha is a combination of the elements space and air. This energy controls all motor processes in the body: the transportation of nutrients, oxygen, pulse movement, excretion. People with high Vata dosha have a sensitive nature, they are thin and easily have the influence of the surrounding environment.

Such people need regular Panchkarma, which will repair the balance of their nervous system, enhance self-confidence and give the inner sense of security.

Pitta dosha combines the elements of fire and water, and controls all the transformation processes in the body: the metabolism, digestion, enzymes and hormones. People with high pitta dosha are energetic, quick-tempered, they like risk and competitiveness, often experience anger and heat in the body.

People of Pitta dosha are recommended to undergo Panchakarma, to release the stress products from the body, and to cool down and soothe their physiology, get rid of skin reactions (rash, itching, redness).

Kapha dosha is composed of the elements of earth and water, and it is responsible in the body for tissue growth, the accumulation of substances, the preservation of the structure and the lubrication of systems. People with high Kapha re slow, passive, reasonable, large build and have a tendency to overweight.

For people Kapha constitution regular Panchakarma is recommended, to remove stagnation and excessive fat in the body, and to charge the new energy.

In The Center Avyukta Ayurveda our experienced specialist will find out the exact balance of these energies, and prescribe the necessary program to balance the doshas at all levels of body.

The Head Doctor: Dr. Manish Gairola 

Has the BAMS degree (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery).

Doctor Manish was born to a Brahmin family in the six generation of vadyas – Ayurvedic doctors. The science of Ayurveda Dr. Manish began to learn since his childhood, directly receiving the knowledge from his ancestors. Later Dr.Manish successfully graduated Ayurvedic University with a specialization of “Panchakarma – detoxification system” and “Rasayana – preparation of anti-aging medicines.”

Dr. Manish is known for his profound knowledge of the the pulse diagnosis, for his talent of seeing the hidden signs using the Ayurvedic methods. His treatment methods are always accurate and effective. The doctor works even with such serious cases as cancer, epilepsy, infertility and other diseases.

As a leading physician of the Center Avyukta Ayurveda, Dr.Manish has many years of experience in consulting and organizing anti-aging treatments.

Ayurvedic food

 According to Ayurveda, foods that we eat, radically affect our health and state of mind.

Ayurveda said, that  there are 6 flavors in nature which present in all diet products: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent. Each taste of this palette is able in some way affect us: to increase or reduce the appetite, to improve the complexion, to tone the body, to calm the mind, to cheer up, or remove toxins.

The art of combining flavors is highly valued among the Ayurveda experts. Of the six flavors culinary masters are able to create masterpieces.

Food should bring us health and pleasure. Our professional Ayurvedic chef knows it, and he is ready to delight you with incredible Ayurvedic dishes at the Centre Avyukta Ayurveda.


We offer a choice of 30 rooms, equipped for your best comfort:

  • Comfortable rooms (from 15 sqm)
  • Single/double bed
  • A/C with cooling \ warming mode 
  • Spacious bathroom Balcony
  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Private kitchens
  • Laundry service

Our Doctors and teachers 

pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic_1.png
Dr Manish Gairola

Doctor Manish (BAMS) is our main doctor – Vaidya in 6th generation. He is international expert in deep pulse diagnostic Nadi Vigyan. His diagnostic is very precise and sharp, he can tell what changes were happening in your health condition even 20 years ago. You will never remain untouched with his deep knowledge and exact conclusion. You can meet him in our center in Rishikesh.

Dr Swati Sharma

Doctor Swati (BAMS) – our Lady doctor. She is deeply devoted to her profession that everyone can feel her good care and attention. She is experienced Ayurvedic doctor, worked in several hospitals in India and seeing a lot of patients gaining practical experience in field of application Panchakarma especially working with female disorders. You can meet her in our Ayurvedic Center in Rishikesh.

Mr.Zoran Mitrovic

Teacher of Jyotish from Serbia, Belgrade

Jyotish, well-known teacher of Transcendental Meditation with experience over 40 years of consulting people all over the world. Based in India for 20 years implementing Vedic knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Meditation in his own life and helping people all over the world through his Ayurvedic center in Rishikesh, which is providing professional Ayurvedic treatments as Panchakarma, Detoxification and Rejuvenation of the body,  Yoga therapy, healthy diet etc. As well as different courses on Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotish.

Ms. Madhu Singh

Yoga teacher, 8 years experience

Advanced yoga classes for experienced practitioners and yoga-teachers as well as for beginners.

She combines knowledge of old and renowned  schools of yoga  with needs of every student in very practical and simple way.

Some of our teachings in this course includes:

  • Hatha yoga practice for energy flow 
  • Pranayama breathing technique for unintegrated emotions blocks removal
  • Guided meditation for hearth opening. Mother is at home meditation 
  • Sound meditation and yoga Nidra
  • Physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of self and its use as catalysts for deeper inner transformation 
  • Self massage Abhyanga and it’s benefits for an individual, mother and baby, child or the whole family 

General Schedule in Avyukta Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh it is adjusted according to your course and treatment time

  • Wake up around 6 AM
  • Yoga/Meditation with Jelena from 6:30AM
  • Breakfast 7:30
  • Ayurveda Treatments are individually scheduled, duration of treatment is 2 hours, plus 1-2 hour rest with herbal oils on the skin    
  • Lunch is from 11:30 to 15, but kitchen is open all the time since due to Ayurveda treatments people have different time for lunch.
  • Rest after lunch 15 minutes
  • Walking in nature 30 minutes next to river Ganga
  • Yoga and Meditation from 17:00
  • Dinner from 18:30
  • Walking after dinner 15-30 min
  • Yoga/Ayurveda Knowledge lecture and discussion 19:30 to 20:30  
  • Going to bed 22:00

Optional: tours to historical and cultural places, concert of Indian classical music, shopping,…

  • The daily schedule can be changed according to needs of the group
  • 3 Ayurveda doctors will provide checkup daily, 

one female doctor is specialized in Gynecology

 Ayurveda Questions  & Answers

1.Is Panchakarma suitable for each person or it has any contraindications?

Panchakarma is recommended for all, with the exception of: post-surgery period (during 6 months after surgery), in the period of pregnancy, or at a small ages (from 0 to 14 years). However, for all these cases, we offer special Ayurvedic programs for specific purposes.

  • ●May I combine Panchakarma with intensive physical activity?

Please remember that Panchakarma is a special delicate process of transformation of your body and physiology. Therefore, during the course, try to give yourself more rest and relaxation, not only physically, but mentally. Dedicate yourself this time, spending it pleasantly and usefully: light walk, yoga and pranayama are recommended. 

  1. 2.What diet to choose for during the period of Panchakarma?

The purpose of Panchakarma is to bring out the maximum amount of toxins from the body. And the food is extremely important in this case. To achieve maximum benefit from the process, we advise our clients to follow the proper diet, it is strongly suggested to avoid the alcohol, meat and heavy foods. In the Avyukta Ayurveda Centre we have the Ayurvedic kitchen, where you can enjoy the delicious dishes prepared with fresh nutritious products. We attentively care about the health nutrition of our clients.

  1. 3.What treatments are included in Panchakarma?

Panchakarma includes a complex of natural health programs, they are: several types of massage (oil massage, herbal paste / powder, massage rice bags – depending on the doctor’s instructions), herbal steaming, oil enemas, laxatives, internal oiling, drinking decoctions, oiling the eye, ear and nasal canals.

Traveling and Visa Information

We all travel to Delhi (DEL) from different airports. Look for your best option, changing the flights in Your area it may give you better price. You have to check it.

Before purchasing the ticket check the departures from Delhi to Dehradun. This airport is on 30 minutes from our hotel in Rishikesh.

So you wish to get in Delhi on time to get connection to Dehradun the same day.  You have morning flights from Hong Kong and Bangkok to it gets to 10 -15 hours of traveling. Some night flights are available also, very cheep. The last flight from Delhi to Dehradun on June 3rd is on 17:50. You will have to go through immigration/customs line and then go to your  Dehradun flight gate. It is good to have at least 2 extra hours for that.

Other option is to have a sleep in Delhi near airport. And come by morning flight.

Flight is about 60 minutes. Before you leave airport send me a message that you are coming on my email or Messenger and I will arrange the taxi for you.

Indian VISA
Regarding the visa for India one option is to go to the Indian Embassy or consulate, we will provide you with the address, phone number of hotel you are visiting. For me was easier to do visa on line. You need to read it in English and fill the questions in English and pay the visa fee $100 by Visa or Master card or PayPal.

Official Indian Visa link:  It takes 3 days to get 

e-mail with your visa approval.

 If you have language problem find a friend who can help with English. If Indian Consulate is not far then go there and get the visa (we can provide your room reservation confirmation/invitation letter):

“The Embassy of India, issues business, student, employment, tourist, entry and other types of visas to U.S and Europe nationals and to other nationalities.

Applicants can deposit their visa applications at the Visa Hut situated in the premises of the Embassy from 9.00 A.M. to 11.30 A.M.

Note. Passport of the applicants should be valid for six months.

All applications need to be completed and signed by the applicant himself. No incomplete application will be accepted. Applications can be submitted in person or can be sent through representatives.

Time of collection of visas and passports is from 3.00 P.M. to 4.00 P.M.

3 months Single Entry Tourist Visa: can be granted on presentation of a confirmed return air-ticket. Or simply apply for E-visa.