Conscious Childbearing Yoga Retreat

Two days holistic yoga retreat for reconnecting with your inner child using ancient techniques for body and mind purification; For all new and parents to be.

1. Hatha yoga practice for energy flow
2. Ujaya breathing technique for unintegrated emotions blocks removal
3. Guided meditation for hearth opening. Mother is at home meditation
4. Physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of self and its use as catalysts for deeper inner transformation
5. Self massage Abhyanga and it’s benefits for mother and baby
6. Natural holistic home remedy workshop
7. Emotional Freedom Technique for fear and worry release
8. Foundation of conscious conception, pregnancy, and birth
9. Home birth experience and it’s benefits
10. Closing Vision Night Ceremony

Come join Jelena Raam and learn from her almost 20 years of experience in holistic healing, conscious birth and parenting practice. In this two days wellness retreat she will lead you step by step trough ancient methods of self healing while using practical ways of modern life. Learn how to through yoga, breathing techniques and guided meditation reconnect with your inner child and improve your overall performance. Join in with likewise individuals in safe and friendly environment to learn how to use these body and mind purification tools in your daily life. Enjoy workshop of making your own natural remedy. Refresh your life and bring its existence on highest level possible. Prepare for healthy childbearing and conscious parenting. If you are already parents learn how to cope with stress of being one and improve your parenting performance. Your child needs it.