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Every Mom Needs An Upgrade

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Morning. Unusual commotion. Every person in our family of five is fighting with something on its own. A bug, or could be just a cold. We are down with something and our body-mind synergy needs a purification. House needs a purification too. Little ones fighting mirroring my own inner world of range and sleep deprivation.

In my mind nothing is still. Thoughts are racing. I can hardly hear…slow down, slow down. Instead I spilled my self in front of my three beautiful children like fountain coming down from mountain. Never ending splash it seams! Splash! Splash! Kids are quit. They still had some wishing coins to trow at me. I could see in their eyes. But they needed my help. Now louder. I could hear. Be love. Be love.

While I am trying to tame escaping wild beast I am explaining them through the tears. It is not you guys It is just mommy. I need rest. I am sorry. They seems to understand.

My oldest one needed more convincing. He went hiding in the hammock in the other room. I came softly. It is never you. I sad. When I am like this. When I tell you your hair is messy. When I tell you put another shirt this one is too dirty. It is never you. It is always me. I am sorry. I am learning please forgive me. I am not a supper mom I am just a mom. But I am getting better every day in hope to become one. He looked at me with his big smoky eyes and in cheerful voice sad: ‘You need an upgrade mom’.  We laughed and I sad ‘Yes, I do’. Then we laughed some more…Afterwards we took this pictures to remember this moment. I won, we won. There is a super mom after all. Hiding in every one of us. As soon as we let go. Letting go. Parenting is all about that. Letting go of what might be or what was. For what is. Right now.


Every moment with my children is about that. Letting go this or that. All the time. We spent so much time together. Homeschooling for the last 12 years. No babysitters. Ever. Making food from scratch. Every single day. Then letting go. There is only one thing to remember. We do need this special time for us. We need to put our self first. Why? If we want our kids to be open and free we need to be that first.  If there is a more of  unwanted skin to shed let it be during the yoga practice. Drum circle dance. In the woods. Or on the road running.

Matia’s words ‘You need an upgrade mom’ made me think. What are those upgrades. How to get them.

Here are just few that came to the mind:

1. At least 8-10 hours of sleep every day.

2. Meditation

3. Exercise ( I love running. Open road and view ahead. 7 am everything is fresh then. It is perfect start for the day ).

4. Yoga ( Makes us flexible both in the body and the mind as well)

5. At lest 2 gallons of water daily

6. Dance

7. Have a Journal. Write down your experiences and your goals.

8. Read other moms stories. Continue learning.

List goes on and on but those are most important for me. This could be upgrade for every mom. We just need to rearrange things in order to make some space for it. More space for us, more for our children and loved ones as well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Every mom is potential Super Mom!


Carob Mini Bites

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This is actually luxury for me. It is only 1:30 pm and I was gifted an hour to write this. Woo-Hoo! Kids are content and happy. Mila had wild night. She was wrestling with me till 2 a.m. Finally her nose decided to go sniffy so I needed to give her quick lavender rub and some homeopathic chamomile. Rest is history. Now that all is well it made me realize that we had lot of cacao in our diet lately. Not the best choice for me if I want high performance, clear mind and happy long lasting energy. Not good for kids aether.

After almost two month of being off my ‘clean’ diet without sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy and caffeine I notice that I am content without those foods now except for chocolate or cacao. Being the members of the same family cacao and coffee go hand in hand. That is where carob comes to my life to set me free.

There is some thing though to use alone with it…Cardamon. Cardamom seeds neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine. Indian people knew that. That’s why cardamon is must in most regarded drink of India – Chai.

Anyway, this is not the story about Chai. It is story about the Carob mini bites I made today.


I love this sweet bites. They are really mild and if you like sweeter taste,  you can add some maple syrup.

Here is what you will need:

– 1/2 Cup Bleached Almonds

– 1/2 Cup Hazelnuts

– 6 Majool Dates

– 1/4 Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

– 3 tbls Carob

– 1 Tsp Vanilla

– 3/4 Cup Water

– 1/2 Cup Quick Oats

I roasted nuts this time. 10 minutes on medium heat was plenty of time for them to get nice golden brown color.

Then I added them to the food processor.



Then I started adding all the other ingredients. I save water and oil to add it toward the end of mixing.  Adding it in the thin stream and waiting to see how consistence change.

When everything was mixed well in about 5 min. I was taking 1/2 tbsp out and molded in to the balls. Afterwards I pressed them with the fork.



Here they are done and delicious. No sugar, no gluten, no cacao, vegan….Yummy!


After I was done with rolling I turned out to this! Off course my little helpers were busy too. They made some kind of Carob and Hungarian paprika soup garnished with wash cloth. ( I forgot to zip the bag with spices :)


All in all we had productive morning. Cheers and Happy Spring Everyone!







Yole’s gluten free flat bread

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After short break I am back on my ‘clean diet’.  I call it this way because I do feel clean within while on it. There is no dairy, gluten, wheat or sugar. I am more present and patient while on it. My whole family benefit from it. Everything is more vibrant so I call it simple clean.

Today I did wanted something starchy and crunchy like nice crispy slice of bread. My husband love to experiment with flat brads. For him that is fun. So I asked him to make some for me while I was busy making cooked apples for breakfast for boys. Daddy decide to get some help in this undertaking. Our two year old Mila was more then willing for the task.

This is how it looks when you make everything from scratch.

You blend omega flaxseeds for Omega fatty acids.


Some millet for calcium and nice smooth digestion.


Then same amount of barley. Ideal grain for Sping season since it pacifies  Kaffa dosha very well.



Yole decided to add the rye berries as well.  Because the germ and bran in the endosperm remain during processing, rye retains its many nutrients which include fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B-1, folic acid, thiamin, niacin and antioxidants.



Next he added some spices. His favorite thing to do while making any kind of bread. This time it was cumin, brown mustard seeds and some ajwan. Right then I was able to hear loud VitaMix motor. In seconds these grains became fine powder.



Something like this.



Mila was eagerly waiting for this soft flour. Anticipating to touch it, squeeze it. There is where magic began.



Then when dough started looking like this…



We left it a side to rest for a morning. About hour or two. Then it was ready to roll.  I used  some rice flour while rolling so doesn’t stick on the counter top or the rolling pen.  Then it was fried in the iron pan with some coconut oil. It turned out pretty good. Crispy and tender at the same time.




It was awesome addition to our lunch today. It also satisfied all my cravings for bread. Thanks to my dear husband and Mila off course!




We used 3/4 of each

– Flax seeds

– Millet

– Barley

– Rye


– 1 tsp cumin

– 1 tsp brown mustard seeds

– 1/2 tsp pink salt

– 1 cup water

– some rice flour for rolling

– some coconut oil for frying

Thank you for visiting with us and stay tuned for more recipes from this meal. Cilantro tahini rice, kambocha squash and spinach goji berries salad are coming soon.

Homemade Hummus Recipe

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This one is my kids favorite dip. Even though there is a lot of commercially made hummus dips out there nothing can compete with home made one. I never used recipe. Long time ago when I first time came to U.S my friend Julie showed me how to make it and procedure stayed with me. Maybe that’s why every hummus I make does taste a bit different then previous one. Nevertheless they are all so delicious. But this one was best so far and kids loved it more then one from the store. Here we go.

By the way all ingredients are organic. That improve taste as well.

After garbanzo beans are soaked for the day you can put them in a crock pot to simmer overnight. In the morning you will have beans ready for blending. This is good to do because garbanzo beans are little bit heavy for digestion. That is why they are going so well with cumin seeds too. They aid digestion as well.   Save broth and include it in the recipe. We avoid using can food. There is enough aluminum in the air already so why taking it through the food as well?

You will need:

– 4 cups cooked chick peas

-1/2 cup of broth you previously cooked chick peas

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup lemon juice

3 tbsp tahini

1/2 tbsp salt

1 tbsp grounded cumin seeds








Never use table white salt that was bleached and have processed. Pink salt will do just fine.





Let it cool a bit and serve with your favorite food. We eat it with chapati, flat bread or home made tortilla like this one. Sometimes we use it as a snack with baby carrots and celery.





Enjoy! If you can’t eat it all reuse your plastic container and store your hummus for few days. Probably good for week or two but in our home it is gone by the next day.



Strawberry Coconut Bar

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When I want sweets and don’t want to feel guilty this is what happens in our kitchen. I love fast making but whole and healthy food. Today’s bars came to be just what I wanted. This dessert  is perfect for warmer weather though. Coconut is cooling and strawberries are in the season. That means they are ripe. We try to avoid unripe fruits because it is really heavy on digestive system and creates unnecessary amma (or toxins accumulated in physiology).



– 3 cups of big coconut shreds

– 3 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil

– 3 tbsp raw honey

– 5 or 6 strawberries





Process :

Add coconut shreds to the food processor. Blend it for about 2 minutes.

Add coconut oil, honey. Blend it for a 1 minute or so.

Then add strawberries. Blend until you get even smooth texture. You could still see some tiny dots of red but it is fine. Something like this:


Spread mixture on the pan lined with baking paper to prevent sticking. Or if you have one of those fancy rubber baking/cooling dishes you can use that.



Leave it in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes then cut it the the way you like it. We choose rectangular shaped bar this time.


Your bars are ready. And your kids will love it!


‘I Choose Love’ story about 2′ x 4′ board

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It was already a month ago I fell off my dairy free, wheat free and sugar free wagon. Which influenced the way I was acting around the home. That’s why I first need to tell you few things before I even start on this ‘I choose Love’ challenge I’m on. There is a great importance for me to stay on the plant based, pure and simple diet. There is such a tangible and close connection between diet and behavior. Diet and process of my thinking as well. Then comes quality of sleep, circle of activity and rest.

Between wrong choices and a lack of exercise is where this story begins. I was pretty exhausted of being on a wrong diet. I needed to move from couch potato mode as soon as possible. On the other hand, body was demanding foods I constantly have been avoiding. I noticed how I was becoming more depressed. Loosing my temper. Being less patient with people I love the most, my children.

It was time for change. I didn’t run anymore. The only time I could do it was 6 am and it was still dark and brutally cold outside. (By the way this is just an excuse for me). Where is a will there is a way. I had a will part. Now I only needed the way. Little push from the nature perhaps. I needed to go back to my fresh self. Quickly, before I make some serious damage around here. Right there and then I found this wonderful Hands Free Mama blog. Even though i modified the challenge to sooth my nature, it was excellent read and great help.

This was second day of my challenge. Morning started pretty rough but everything turned around completely with just two words ringing in my head. Be Love.

Bogdan my 6 years old was having a hard time. Big energy in the little body that needed to be channeled. That is Bogi. If this doesn’t happen he will pour him self out loud, but if it does, this little boy will happily embrace all that life throws at him. Every now and then his power lines get overloaded. This morning was more NOW then then! He needed challenge. I knew that, but sometimes I forget. Love always remember.

Is he hungry?…Is he tired?…In the morning? After 10h long sleep? It was hard to say. Nothing was right. He cried because of broken watch, even though watch was broken few months ago and he got over it. He cried because Mila my 2 years old lost his Lego Ninjago guy a week ago. He cried while watching out from the window. Seeing that there is no maize form the last Summer outside in the field. No matter what I said or did, nothing made him feel better. I could of told him to get over it and put a movie on for him to watch or rush him to the kitchen table to eat something. That didn’t seams right. Be love I contemplated and waited for reply. And I stayed present. I even cried with him. After breakfast was eaten, still a few tears rolled from his soaked cheeks. My hopes were high that food will fix him.

I had so much to do. Clean the house. Wash the dishes. Do the laundry and prepare for the meeting in the afternoon but the voice within was quietly repeating Be love. House can wait. I knew he needed some bouncing around. It always makes him happy. But what to do in our 700 square foot home? It was too cold outside. Love knows. There is always something. I glanced in the little wooden box on the floor next to Mila’s toys. There were tiny little crochet cotton balls. Perfect! I asked him if he would play catch. Just to destruct him from his blues. Yes, he would and he did.  He was in the chair on the one side of the room, me on the other in the couch. Instant joy on his face.  Just one minute of tossing the ball back and forth was enough for him to remember his glorious self again. I couldn’t be happier to see his power back.

He was happy but soon got bored of this game . What now? there’s still a few more hours till school. He asked for electronics and movie’s. I heard the same voice. Be Love. Desperately looking all around to find one more distraction to save the day and leave movie time for the weekend, where movies belongs around here. I didn’t want to brake that rule. Be love instead. Love was searching. What to do?

Some old wood boards were on the porch. I noticed one single 2 by 4 there. It was long enough, about 5-6 feet. Yes!!! It looked perfect to build obstacle course or even better a balance beam. Two chairs inside. One board on the outside. Put two together and walla! I got my own mini gym.


He is still playing with it as I write this. Now he is using it as a bridge for his Hotwheels. I can here all sorts of happy crashing sounds.






His eyes are again burning with excitement and acceptances of the game. Happily embrace all that life throw at him. His little sister is merrily playing along too. Be love. I can still hear it. Spring time is calling. Everything is melting on the inside. I am getting lighter with every day and I choose Love.

Raw Chocolate Fudge Day

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Iowa, Winter 2015. This point where no one even dare to talk about weather. When whole community is desperate for some nice walk in the park without looking like a giant marshmallow or Michelin’s tire man.

Time when your hopes are sky rocketing that perhaps tomorrow is gonna be at least above freezing. But no. Instead of flower buds on the ground as a clue that Winter is almost over you get heavily snow fall. Once again. As a clue I guess that only chocolate will save the day.

It was to big of a fuss to drive to our favorite health food store. What to do…kitchen cabinets do not look so tempting…half empty really. Almost depressing.

But I did have few dates and some nuts in the bowl along with nut cracker. That’s why is only 5 of each in the recipe…to hasty to sit there and crack those little hardies. Anyway I used what I had and it really surprised me with such a rich taste. My first chocolate or chocolate fudge cookies actually were complete success!

I started with some nuts and dates in the food processor.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I added some water and oil and some quick oats…as thickener.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlong with honey and few other ingredients.


That is where magic happened.  You must be inventive in order to get that taste of heaven you crave sooo loudly.

Actually magic happened in the food processor.


It was quite sticky so I rolled balls with my hands wet. Then it was so easy. I added piece of almond on the top of the ball and it looked really nice. Pop in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and …this is how it looked. It was gone in no time. Better make double dose.



Here it goes:

5 hazelnuts

5 almonds

5 medjool  dates

50g quick oats

1 tbsp raw cacao

1 tbsp raw honey

1 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil

1 tbsp warm water

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of rock salt

more almonds for the top of the chocolate balls


This raw chocolate fudge is ridiculously easy to make. It took me 1o minutes to make. Add some time to cool in the fridge and you might end with 15min total.



Having kids play unsupervised

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Pictures are worth a thousands words. Pictures will be my best proof to you that kids get most creative while in nature unsupervised. Yes, I sad unsupervised! In a safe and natural environment close to home. In the field next to your house. In the forest on your land…When you call they might be able to hear you. Somewhere where your motherly attention is always with and on them no matter what you do. There, in that safe piece of haven of theirs, kids will became little Gods and their creativity will flourish. They will become little batteries charged directly form the Mother Nature. Fully charged they are becoming mighty inventive dynamos. They will surprise you. They will even surprise themselves! But most important is aftermath of this nature excursions. Your children are becoming serene, grounded and full of bliss. Gift to every mother. Happy and blissful children.
They will use want ever they find to serve their creative play…Like this mini figures they made in big pile of dirt.


…or perhaps they will knock you down coming to your doorsteps like this… Time for clay bath I would say. Just look at their faces!

10464069_10152909109974348_7968388556625752649_nJust faces…well, I don’t think so.


No matter where they are, on the tree or in the grass, next to the big pile of send or in the garden, they will always find something creative to do. Most important it will make them truly happy. Simple tools like this bungee cords my little one found in the garage…who would think! He played with those for hours.


Using seaweed like jumping rope instead of some other plastic toy I didn’t want to provide.


Or again, play with the dirt. My favorite. Look at this super heroes and this mighty mud fist.


Here you would see, my kids obviously couldn’t look and this old table any more. Something needed to be done. Since our Mulberry tree was so grateful last summer, boys decided to use it’s gifts wisely.


Mommy even didn’t know what are these from the picture bellow. Kids introduced them to me. Little tree that was standing lonely (or I just though so) was powerful Autumn Olive my kids adore. Autumn Olive Berries contain high levels of vitamins A, C and E, and flavonoids and essential fatty acids. Lycopene is their main attraction, though. Lycopene, adds Clevidence, who heads ARS’ Phytonutrients Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, has generated widespread interest as a possible deterrent to heart disease and cancers of the prostate, cervix and gastrointestinal tract and who knows what else. For more info you can just click here.
Such a rich flavor this fruit has. We ate tons of these last year. My little harvesters are looking forward to the next summer’s devouring.


Bogdan, my five years old, disappeared into the early morning last September. I knew he is in the garden, sand pile, hay fort or climbing some tree… I was right. It was garden this time. The way I knew is because his spectacular show up with this huge Mammoth Sunflower on his back. Heave load on his back. He wrestled it almost whole morning. If you ever planted one of those, you will know it is not easy to get them down. Especially for this little fella. Anyway. He was so proud to show me his harvest he dragged all the way from the garden. Then on his own, he decided to save seeds for the next year. I was blown away.


You see, I was just an observer here. He had such great time.


All I want to say here is that we need to give some space to our kids. It is absolutely must. There is so much structural, academic, social and systematized educational school time in our culture. There, our children are always monitored, observed, directed and even conditioned. I feel it is our responsibility to provide these essential time for them to spend alone. Just being alone in the nature makes them present, grounded. Self-sufficient I would say.

Give power back to the children!



When my kids are sick

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My sick babies are snuggling with me this morning. Third and biggest one, still in it’s own bed. Oversleeping. Mild fever from last night is gone. All in cheerful mood now. My Yogi tea seas ‘May your day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony.’ That is exactly what came true as day progressed. Fast recovery is a result.
yogy recovery
This inspired me to share what am I actually doing when kids are sick. Treatments are definitely changing as I do. For instance, in the past, a decade ago when my now 12 years old was just a toddler I would give him baby Tylenol. Not often though. He had ear infection and needed relief. That ear infection was treated with essential oil and ghee after doctor prescribed antibiotics. Anyway that is different story. But if you are curious you can see it  here.

This days I don’t have need for conventional medicine. Luckily. Or is it really luck? I will leave that up to you.
For me, well I am just sharing my story and not by any means trying to tell you what to do when your kids are sick. That is completely up to you and you only. Perhaps your doctor if you have one. :)

Here we go!

This winter was particularly challenging for most. There were lots of flu and colds going around. With it’s long cold arms it touched our family too. But it was pretty mild. My toddler got fever one day. 6 year old threw up once before sleep and woke up cheerful. Oldest one was coughing for awhile. Is it same thing for all of them? It is hard to say and I usually don’t care. Because what ever it is I know I am dealing with virus or sometimes bacteria. That’s telling me it is time to use remedies and foods that can effectively fight against those bugs. And maybe even more important eliminate foods that will diminish body’s ability to fight back.

*If they have FEVER I am using water vinegar compress around neck, under arm pits and on the legs ( I do this only if fever is more then 103 Fahrenheit and 39 Celsius)

* When I was sick as a kid. My mom will apply grated potato and vinegar compress on my feet. Her favorite fever reducer method. I am still doing that sometimes with my kids.

*Giving them lot’s and lot’s liquids like coconut water, warm tea or lemonade is essential. If kid is still breastfed then I am becoming non stop nursing station. It becomes ridiculous to even consider using bra or anything else then top tank for that matter.

*Warm bath with Epsom salt or MMS

*Belladonna homeopathic tablets

*Complete Cold’n Flu Hyland’s Homeopathic tablets or Chamomile Homeopathic tablets

*Lavender essential oils and Blu Chamomile essential oil rub (this also and particularly Lavender helps fight virus and bacteria too)

*I also giving them MMS like in Keri Rivera’s protocol.
*Now, if they are sneezing and COUGHING I will give them Wild Oregano Oil. Extra vitamin D and food grade vitamin C, Cough or other Homeopathic medicine. Again, Lavender essential oil massage and MMS in the bath or orally.

*One of our family’s favorite remedy for COUGH and respiratory problems is Osha root. We learned that native people of North America chewed on Osha root for good health and to heal any respiratory illnesses. At first was unusual and kind of spicy but fast enough our taste buds adjusted and we just chew on this as someone will on chewing gum. What is so cool about it is that kids are using it with no fuss and it is much cheaper than tincture. Greatest thing about it is that always works! I could start feeling sore throat in the evening. I get piece or two of root of this splendid herb and chew a bit and even go to sleep with the root in my mouth and in the morning…well…my throat is good as new. There is always turmeric and honey mixture 1:1, two times daily. But lately we only use Osha.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou see, this is the most of my medicine cabinet. There are also enemas and cleanses we do on regular basis so we don’t get down with these colds and flu. And there is diet off course. When ever kids get sick, the first thing we eliminate from their diet are  dairy and sugar. I am big fan of prevention method. And for awhile after they get better we will still have  soups, flat bread. Cooking with lot of turmeric and ginger. If they are craving sweets we will make flat bread with honey and cinnamon. Cooked fruit as well.

In the past our diet had more bread, sugar, butter and milk. Now without those foods it is much easier to recover or to escape flu and cold completely. Kids will get really fast through it. My husband and I will get through it more emotionally. Moody, depressed or have some muscle pain in the back. Sometimes if it is really though one like this year, we will experience sore throat and will need to take MMS for few days.

If I need to say  what is helping me the most in fight against the flu than it would be daily dietary habits for sure. Then comes everything else.

I hope you stay happy and healthy this Winter season and stick to the good organic and simple food. :O)




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This mom is in the state of complete exhaustion. Worn out by extreme physical work. Yesterday was day of grounding for me and my whole family. Just bare with me and you will see why.

According to the law we need to have conventional septic system here on our land. Duh! So I spend whole day in the hole digging with my own two hands. It could be much easier to hire somebody to do it for us. But we decided not to do business with the banks ( at least not for some time) and go with the ‘do it yourself’ method…hmmm…

Enthusiastic and green this might look but one have to have a lot of energy and will to go through all of this. Every part of your being gets challenged in the process. For me, for example this day was fusion of powerful workout, super-duper family fun, bitter-sweet memories of my life and totally spiritual connection with my family and the Earth itself! Not to mention sequence of despair of putting my self in to this mess.

As I happily jumped in the hole to join my dear husband and the children I started singing and laughing. They followed, they sang, they laughed…but time passed and I got tired and I stopped to rest. Then I continued and again stopped and rest and so on and so forth.
Time passed and I got in serious conversation with my oldest son…remembering life and death. Talk about my mom, his beloved deceased grandma. Cycles of creating, maintaining, destroying.  All three in one. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva came to visit us in this earthy hole.  All at once.

Then, as time passed on…I started thinking differently. Still working, still sweating. Then mood swings  hit ruthlessly. Kids just witnessed my madness. I was in despair once more. Pain, fatigue and resistance. While covered with dirt I was thinking of nice spa treatment and vacation on Mediterranean. Why am I digging here for God sake!?? My pain body was screaming. Steel connected to the Earth I didn’t let go I just stud there working and witnessing all of my feelings. Then everything disappeared even me I think for a second. I love when that happens. And everything turned in to fun once again.

Thank God I steel can envision my house, little greenhouse and every corner of our land…planing places for the trees and fairy houses. For the rock garden and the wind charms. Orchard. Bird houses and water fountains…Everything became clear once more. Even clearer then ever before.

Thank God for this experience, hard work, breath and ability to share this with you.


On the end of the day there is purpose beaming in to your face. Peace at hearth. Happy, healthy kids. Totally grounded and peaceful. You spent all day together. There you go. Quality time in it’s fullest. While digging giant hole!? Who would say! They, your loved ones see every bit of you and help you see it too. You couldn’t hide even if you wanted to. Naked, bare and totally raw, you stand in front of them. And you loved it, every bit of it.