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Exit with love

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Today before I even washed my face or scraped my tongue I had to face vilian of a massive proportions. My what seamed to be tranquil meditative morning followed by yoga turned into wrestling session with an evil queen. Truth to be told it is never for sure what of those two realities will hit me.

I felt like a Cinderella serving not 2 but 10 ugly sisters in preparation for the ball. That ungrateful creature! Tossing garment by garment to my feet. This undies are to itchy. That shirt is too cold! This thighs are to tight! Jeans is too stiff. Dress is too scratchy. Pants are too uncomfortable and so on.

It wouldn’t even be so harsh if it wasn’t for the screaming and crying. My motherly hearth is open, my mind centered and my words are kind. At least for the first 30 minutes. Offering solutions to the villain. Garment after garment. Offering different options of wearing them. Until there is nothing left to wear. Then, perhaps wearing them inside out! I did that many times now. Trying it all, until there is no more options and there is no more clothes left. At this point I am even considering dirty loundry basket diving!

It was now 45 minutes into this game of thrones. (I am really privileged to have that much time you see). Mind blurs and hearth shrinks. Then, familiar to all parents, metamorphosis is thanking place. Now I am becoming an evil queen myself, ordering the only one solution. Putting those darn clothes on! Anithing! My, now powerless child is sinking. Toughts racing trought my mind. How to Not do the harm? Breathing…then more ‘’practical’’ thoughts. Is it full Moon!? Is it wheat form last two weeks she was gubbling on? Is she getting sick. Is she hungry? But, she just woke up! Hmm…Parasites?? Or is Saturn debilitated? Mercury retrograde perhaps?? Must be chocolate she shared with her brother previous night!

Whatever it is, momma is loosing her wits. Hold your horses mama. Pain on my child’s face and clothes on her body. Some tears and then big hug and child in mama’s embrace. Just hugging, sitting amongs pile of clothes. Boath admitting that life is hard. With those exact words we are out of villains land and back to our hearts. I even got kiss on my forheard both cheeks and the nose. With ‘I love you mama’. Exit with love.

Obviously my 5 year old was in the land of tantrum ruled by pain and scream. Pile of close grew to what seamed like Mount Everest of mother’s expectations of perfect outfit for her little girl who obviously would rather go nude!

Not a perfection just one big huge mess this life is but when coated with love it gets pretty darn awesome. And if you are parent, well…you already know that.

First month in China

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We hit the first month in this beautifully busy, wast and somewhat distant land. Somewhat you’ll say…Well yes. When I am good spirited and air is clean (which is ones in….well lets just say it is not as I anticipated. More about that later). Or when my VPN is working and can reach you via Facebook and other social media. Nothing is distant then and I can see clearly what it needs to be done and things are moving forward. I am learning how to be in that not so distant space no matter what circumstances are and am so grateful for that.

I already had  couple of classes here and it was hearth warming to see all those young bright people so ready to learn. I just taught Ayurveda cooking class this past week and today was my first yoga class.

Here are some photo update form the Fenix Farm (First Biodynamic Farm and Waldorf School in China). Matia was teaching visitors students how to make European style Ray bread.



Mila in the sweet potato field.



Yole and the host students.



All food they prepared for us was grown on their farm. Biodynamic food.



They showed us how to make the tofu. Everything so delicious. Vegan and organic.  We could taste the love.



Mila was so loved by Waldorf kids.



Backing class was a success. Matia was particularly happy about his bread. Part of it because I think he was getting tired of all the yummy noodles.




First Flu in China

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Our first two weeks in China were super cool. New people, new  foods, new energy of new beginnings and all that jazz.

Only one thing can spoil all this. It is silent , sneaky and so vicious…and its called Flu. It is just when we were getting settled and started to feel more like at home that hit us. I don’t remember when I was feeling so tired from getting the bug. Low energy, muscle pain, mood swings, sore throat, nausea you name it. All came to visit. And it didn’t seam like they are going anywhere.

We stay away from dairy  so we didn’t get to congested but still miserable enough to stay in bad for day or two. This is only for mom and dad while kids were just having mood issues. Great combination. Sick parents and grumpy kids.

We were super fortunate to have two amazing ladies, Budist monks, the master and her disciple bringing all kinds of treat for us. They made sure we felt like at home. My heart is swelling from love.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you what was the best natural remedy we used to get rid of the flu. Well not really get rid of it but almost completely get rid of the symptoms. You can’t really get rid of the flu, you know that. Right!?

It wasn’t my favorite lavender or osha root. Neither was CD or Epsom salt baths. Best and very simple to use were simply ginger tea made form fresh ginger root and THIEF’S oil. It was enough to put some on my throat, spine and lower back, some on the feet and forehead, few drops on the scalp and cough will stop and I can have sound sleep. With kids was even easier. Little bit on their chest and feet was enough to calm everything even their temper when upset. (Common side effect of the flu or cold).  Everyone simply must have this oil in their home! It is so good.



40 Drops of Clove Essential Oil

35 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil

20 Drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil

15 Drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

10 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil


Mix this mixture with 1 to 10 or stronger but not stronger than 1 t0 4 base oil (I use Olive or Sesame oil) for general use.

Stay healthy. Cheers and blessings.


Just saying hi

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It was a while since I posted something. It’s been crazy here. I feel it is crazy everywhere I look. As our human lives are transforming I see all my friends, brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet going through beautiful change. What I see is beautiful struggle. I say beautiful because it brings us closer. To our selves and to each other. It is not easy and not necessarily pretty  but sure it’s beautiful. That’s why I want to say hi and to thank to you all for being here with me now here on a social media, in my neighborhood, in my town, country…on this Blue Planet.

I simply can’t post photos without saying this hi to you. I love you and I thank you for being love and make me feel the love you all radiate.

Enjoying seeing our oldest having his morning meditation on the trampoline.



We are in China!

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China, day 4.

There is not turning back now. Somewhere on the other side of the World, long, long, time ago.  5 days to be exact. I  acted so cool like I have everything under control. No one could tell that I was nauseated and my tummy was so upset. I was hiding it well. Or at least I think I did.

Anyway… The fact that everything will change in matter of hours was extremely painful.  Everything within or better say the part that didn’t want to change, was screaming  NOOO!  The part that say no to everything new and want to hide and stay in his old,  ‘I like it the way it is’ cocoon.  It was contemplating some kind of miracle to save it from the new and the journey ahead. While at the same time miracle WAS happening right in front of it’s nose and it still does.

You see, I was stuck. I needed the change. I needed to let go of so much of my self that wasn’t needed anymore. I needed to let my true self be more in charge and for that I needed the change on every level it seams.

I also wanted new spacious home. Nice and clean, new preferably. Eco and green. I wanted slower, more relaxed way of leaving. Not so much driving in the van ( U.S. moms can relate ) I wanted more ‘free range’ type of children’s education. More kids around spontaneously playing and exploring the nature. Organic fresh food on demand. More time for meditation, yoga. Less distraction.  Like easy access to snack food to the local health food store and social media. Well….I got it all but never I expected to be…well in China!

As soon as we landed, all fears were gone. I am safe. It is ok. Peaceful sort to speak. Big. Huge, kinda empty airport in Beijing was neat. Kids were tired but in good spirit. They let us go ahead the domestic line. Which was pretty cool when you know as foreigner one needs to go to foreigners  line. Much, much longer one!  Anyway….We are safe. It is ok. Peaceful.

Eco Village plus educational/spiritual center needs us. We need the Village and it’s way of living even more. It is good. It is big. It is clean. At least for the Chinese standards it is. I am realizing more and more there is no clean spot on the Earth until there are corners of our beings to be polished…

Now we need to go ahead and do the work we came to do. Yole – Husband is designing and taking care of business and developmental aspects of this place. It is called Stone Village in the district of Stone House. 80km north from Beijing.

I will be working on my Well Being course while establishing  Yogi Cookies production. Teaching yoga and English to the kids while my kids will be focusing on learning Chinese, archery, calligraphy and music. Lot of out-door time.

We are safe. It is ok. Peaceful. It is good. It is big….well it is clean where we are.

All is good.


Living + dining room



Carrots harvest



There are 6 wells out side in the park. All hand made.


img_1905-1These are so delicious. Plant is super tall and so decorative. On the picture below it covers parts of construction on the side. It still produces abundantly.



Edible garden with back choy, cilantro, chard, different kind of greens, salad greens…



Walk to the greenhouse.



Yin Yang children playground.



Outdoor cooking thing…something like barbecue Chinesse style. You can see that woks go form biggest to smallest…Neat.



More of playground…





Earth Day

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Earth Day is everyday. In calendar it was marked yesterday but for me it is everlasting. Yesterday I spent more on the internet then last two weeks together but it was worth it. So many stories of ever changing world. So many stories of good will, persistence and love for our Mother Earth. Positive changes everywhere.


I read about Mother who banned round up in her community in only 64 days. About People in Hungary burning GMO corn fields. Dr. Oz fight back to those Monsanto lobbyist. People in Serbia found the way to outsmart system who wants to invade their privacy and force their children to mandatory vaccination. About new invention actually simple  Solar Seawater Distiller  that turns salt water into drinking water using only sunlight. And many, many more stories like this. Everywhere I looked was only good will and extraordinary faith in Heaven on Earth. People are awakening and it makes my hearth expand.


Beside reading about New Earth stories on internet this is what we did yesterday on the Earth Day.


We planted some peach trees then some hazelnut bushes. Moved the garden closer to the house so we can watch plants grow form kitchen window.


Dosha Dinners

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Ok. My house is complete disaster but my kids are happy. And that my friends is what counts. In the past this ‘Mother Goose’ was to apologetic about her messy nest. Not anymore. Story of today could be a prefect example why. Like always there were too many things to do. Usually when I think I am done and can slow down a little there is one more thing to do. This one was a pleasure.

My 12 years old Matia had school assignment and today was due date. His whole class of 12 boys  cooked complete Ayurveic meal for their families and teachers. Then they documented everything in beautiful Ayurvedic cookbook and even gave smart presentation about Ayurveda.  While chasing Mila around the table I was able to see those bright boys talk about ocean of consciousness and its  different properties rooted in three different Doshas as Rishi, Devata and Chhandas.

Everything was perfect. Mission completed successfully. Except one part. Matia’s recipe was NOT in the book. Alas!

He was kind of cool about it seamed but  I heard him say: “It’s just kinda of bummer it’s not in the book”. Well he didn’t send his recipe on time but I wanted him to know that we can fix everything. Everyone can see and enjoy his recipe as well. For all of you parents, teachers and everyone who wants to enjoy good Ayurvedic meal. Here it is.  Matia’s Kafa balancing Lima Beans Dall Recipe.


It is ideal for Spring season. It is wet and still kinda cold. This meal will sure make you cozy and at the same time help you stay balanced. It is good for all who accumulate that extra weight way to easy. Enjoy!



– 1/2 Cup Lima beans (soaked overnight)

– 1 1/2 cups water ( you might add more if needed)

– 1/4 cup diced potato

– 1/4 teaspoon grated lemon rind

– 1/2 bay leaf

– 1/4 cup chopped celery or spinach or kale (Matia used kale)

– 1/4 teaspoon turmeric

– 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger

– 1/4 teaspoon each, salt and black pepper

– 1/2 teaspoon fenugreek

– 1 tablespoon corn oil


Here are the pictures of This fantastic Maharishi School of Age of Enlightenment 6 graders and their Dosha Diner project. I enjoyed every  single bit of this event. Food was supreme but their fun and smart presentation about Ayrvedic Doshas was the feast #1 for me. I just wish I filmed this so you can see it too. Well one can’t do it all. I hope photos can do justice.

When I arrived at the school’s front door boys were welcoming me and leading me to the Diner hall. When I found place for me and my two years old I could see how this boys are rolling. As a busy bees they were preparing plates for everyone.


Vata Dosha Meal


Pitta Dosha Meal


Kapha Dosha Meal


This wonderful boys did such an awesome job in creating Dosha Diner event.


Special thanks to their awesome teachers. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Zee



Do you see the Sun? Perfect vegan, gluten free breakfast (Dosas)

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This morning started with a smile. Smiling golden gluten free, vegan pancakes. We called them dosas.

I needed to go get groceries and fill my kitchen cabinets but I was in the mood for a bit more sleep and warmth of the home. To tired from yesterday’s tree planting I guess.

But kids needed to eat something before they go to school. It was 7 am and I needed the dough ready for 8:30. Usually and ideally we soak legumes ( mung dal ) and grains ( rice) overnight. Then blend them in the morning. I didn’t have time for that. I blended them first then left smooth texture to rest for an hour and a half. Then I added spices and blended again. It was success!


This is what I used:

– about 2 cups whole mung dal

– about 1 cup basmati rice

–  enough water so that mixture can be blended easily in the blender or just to cover grains and legumes

– 1 inch fresh ginger root

– 1 tsp turmeric

– 1 tsp coriander powder

– salt to taste

It was consistency of the crepes, perhaps a bit ticker after blending on high. I heated my iron pan on medium with some coconut oil in it. Then I poured about 1 ladle of the mixture in the pan, waited for pancake to look dry then I turned it over.  .

It was so ease and they never stuck to the pen.


Cure for a broken hearth

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Number one. Listen. Then make these. Number three. Eat them!


It was my honor to listen. To listen to you my oldest friend. Always. Then after I heard how deeply and emotionally you were hurt I dived into something. Is it mirroring of my own feelings enveloping here? Or abrupt surge to protect you? From what!? I am not sure. I got weird feeling in my tummy. I was almost angry at the person who caused your distress. Then I calmed. You did to. Right there dawned on me. It seams most wised and logical explanation. To me at least. I hope to you as well.

It is your birthday my dearest friend. What to say to wise women as your self. One that sits on top of creation. You. You are beautiful and abundantly strong. That’s what downed on me. It is in our genes and in our souls to carry this role of co creator here on Earth. That is purpose of this precious gift of being here. Every day is a mighty gift and our role is to listen our teacher. Our feelings. So much I want to tell you that I know how you feel. But how could I? Your pain is yours and yours only. It is for you to feel and experience it. Then grow from it. Pain is only here when we need to grow once more. When we need the change. To be the change.

Who ever that soul might be. Soul that hurt your emotional body and touched the place that pains the most, did it for a reason. God or bad it is for you to decide. For me it always must be good. For if we don’t see the darkness how we can know the light? To tell you to hang in there I can’t. And I won’t. Only what I will tell is rise. Rise above your self and transform your pain in to the bliss. But do not rush. Feel it all. Wrap in it until there is no need for it anymore. Pain’s purpose is to wake us up form the sleep. That’s why it give us a visit when we least expect it.  Bam! We get knocked down by surprise so we can hit harder in that week space with in. Then we rise in full glory. Stronger then ever before.

This is my corner of healing gifts I apply when needed. I wanted to share it with you.  It is easiest to use our body while trying to address emotions. It is most approachable I found. By changing chemically balance in our  body we take a leap in to the profoundly different body-mind-emotion state. State that is bright, blissful and happy. Happy with no particular reason even. Those gifts are gifts from:

-Alkaline diet

-Green smoothies

-Green juices

-Evening Primrose Oil

-Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B 12




-Good fresh wholesome food

-No sugar, coffee, homogenized and pasteurized milk

-Lots of water

-Writing a journal

-Writing your goals down

All these will help  remember how invincible and powerful we are.

There is so much to say to you but for now I am sending you this RAW SUGAR FREE VEGAN CHERRY HEARTS to heal your body and mind. To heal your sweet hearth!

Happy Birthday my dearest friend!


This is what you will need:

3 Cups of coconut shreds

4 Brazil nuts or 8 almonds

1/2 Cup cherries

1/2 Cup dates

tsp vanilla

tsp lemon juice

2 tsp coconut oil

Put all ingredients in to the food processor. Mix it until nice and smooth. Then shape them the way you like and pop them in to the freezer for a bit. 5-10 min. Eat them all if you like and let your heart get whole again. Love, Love, Love and Light to every beings everywhere. Starting with you my dearest!


Home That Smells Like Spices and Essential Oils (Vegan Cheesy Dressing)

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My friend Leanne came to visit us today. Her baby girl was happy and cheerful ready to taste that solid food. Sweet potato maybe but not that spicy Spring soup I had. It was so nice to see friend after awhile but it was time to part. When she returned home her older daughter that stayed at home hugged little one and asked  ‘Did you go to Jelena’s house?’ She said she can tell from the way my house smells like spices and essential oil. What a nose! This made me smile and create sweet space in my hearth.  This could be because we indeed make everything from scratch at our home and there is lot of spices involved in this process. That is why I am gonna share one more recipe with you.


Simple thing we make that might tickle your nose and tempt your tummy.

Our favorite Salad, Veggie, Cooked Grains Dressing.

This is what you will need:

– 1/2 Cup Tahini

– 1/2 Cup Olive Oil  (Cold Pressed)

– 1 Cup Water

– 1/2 Tbsp Pink Salt

– 1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro Leafs

–  Juice from 1/2 lemon of more depends of ripeness of the lemon. About 1 tblsp.



It is wonderful over the rice and other grains.


 Over your favorite steamed vegetables or salad.



Just pop all ingredients to the blender until nice and smooth. Then add cilantro and wait until it is chopped in to tiny but visible pieces.


Enjoy Bliss!