This is actually luxury for me. It is only 1:30 pm and I was gifted an hour to write this. Woo-Hoo! Kids are content and happy. Mila had wild night. She was wrestling with me till 2 a.m. Finally her nose decided to go sniffy so I needed to give her quick lavender rub and some homeopathic chamomile. Rest is history. Now that all is well it made me realize that we had lot of cacao in our diet lately. Not the best choice for me if I want high performance, clear mind and happy long lasting energy. Not good for kids aether.

After almost two month of being off my ‘clean’ diet without sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy and caffeine I notice that I am content without those foods now except for chocolate or cacao. Being the members of the same family cacao and coffee go hand in hand. That is where carob comes to my life to set me free.

There is some thing though to use alone with it…Cardamon. Cardamom seeds neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine. Indian people knew that. That’s why cardamon is must in most regarded drink of India – Chai.

Anyway, this is not the story about Chai. It is story about the Carob mini bites I made today.


I love this sweet bites. They are really mild and if you like sweeter taste,  you can add some maple syrup.

Here is what you will need:

– 1/2 Cup Bleached Almonds

– 1/2 Cup Hazelnuts

– 6 Majool Dates

– 1/4 Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

– 3 tbls Carob

– 1 Tsp Vanilla

– 3/4 Cup Water

– 1/2 Cup Quick Oats

I roasted nuts this time. 10 minutes on medium heat was plenty of time for them to get nice golden brown color.

Then I added them to the food processor.



Then I started adding all the other ingredients. I save water and oil to add it toward the end of mixing.  Adding it in the thin stream and waiting to see how consistence change.

When everything was mixed well in about 5 min. I was taking 1/2 tbsp out and molded in to the balls. Afterwards I pressed them with the fork.



Here they are done and delicious. No sugar, no gluten, no cacao, vegan….Yummy!


After I was done with rolling I turned out to this! Off course my little helpers were busy too. They made some kind of Carob and Hungarian paprika soup garnished with wash cloth. ( I forgot to zip the bag with spices :)


All in all we had productive morning. Cheers and Happy Spring Everyone!