Today before I even washed my face or scraped my tongue I had to face vilian of a massive proportions. My what seamed to be tranquil meditative morning followed by yoga turned into wrestling session with an evil queen. Truth to be told it is never for sure what of those two realities will hit me.

I felt like a Cinderella serving not 2 but 10 ugly sisters in preparation for the ball. That ungrateful creature! Tossing garment by garment to my feet. This undies are to itchy. That shirt is too cold! This thighs are to tight! Jeans is too stiff. Dress is too scratchy. Pants are too uncomfortable and so on.

It wouldn’t even be so harsh if it wasn’t for the screaming and crying. My motherly hearth is open, my mind centered and my words are kind. At least for the first 30 minutes. Offering solutions to the villain. Garment after garment. Offering different options of wearing them. Until there is nothing left to wear. Then, perhaps wearing them inside out! I did that many times now. Trying it all, until there is no more options and there is no more clothes left. At this point I am even considering dirty loundry basket diving!

It was now 45 minutes into this game of thrones. (I am really privileged to have that much time you see). Mind blurs and hearth shrinks. Then, familiar to all parents, metamorphosis is thanking place. Now I am becoming an evil queen myself, ordering the only one solution. Putting those darn clothes on! Anithing! My, now powerless child is sinking. Toughts racing trought my mind. How to Not do the harm? Breathing…then more ‘’practical’’ thoughts. Is it full Moon!? Is it wheat form last two weeks she was gubbling on? Is she getting sick. Is she hungry? But, she just woke up! Hmm…Parasites?? Or is Saturn debilitated? Mercury retrograde perhaps?? Must be chocolate she shared with her brother previous night!

Whatever it is, momma is loosing her wits. Hold your horses mama. Pain on my child’s face and clothes on her body. Some tears and then big hug and child in mama’s embrace. Just hugging, sitting amongs pile of clothes. Boath admitting that life is hard. With those exact words we are out of villains land and back to our hearts. I even got kiss on my forheard both cheeks and the nose. With ‘I love you mama’. Exit with love.

Obviously my 5 year old was in the land of tantrum ruled by pain and scream. Pile of close grew to what seamed like Mount Everest of mother’s expectations of perfect outfit for her little girl who obviously would rather go nude!

Not a perfection just one big huge mess this life is but when coated with love it gets pretty darn awesome. And if you are parent, well…you already know that.