Number one. Listen. Then make these. Number three. Eat them!


It was my honor to listen. To listen to you my oldest friend. Always. Then after I heard how deeply and emotionally you were hurt I dived into something. Is it mirroring of my own feelings enveloping here? Or abrupt surge to protect you? From what!? I am not sure. I got weird feeling in my tummy. I was almost angry at the person who caused your distress. Then I calmed. You did to. Right there dawned on me. It seams most wised and logical explanation. To me at least. I hope to you as well.

It is your birthday my dearest friend. What to say to wise women as your self. One that sits on top of creation. You. You are beautiful and abundantly strong. That’s what downed on me. It is in our genes and in our souls to carry this role of co creator here on Earth. That is purpose of this precious gift of being here. Every day is a mighty gift and our role is to listen our teacher. Our feelings. So much I want to tell you that I know how you feel. But how could I? Your pain is yours and yours only. It is for you to feel and experience it. Then grow from it. Pain is only here when we need to grow once more. When we need the change. To be the change.

Who ever that soul might be. Soul that hurt your emotional body and touched the place that pains the most, did it for a reason. God or bad it is for you to decide. For me it always must be good. For if we don’t see the darkness how we can know the light? To tell you to hang in there I can’t. And I won’t. Only what I will tell is rise. Rise above your self and transform your pain in to the bliss. But do not rush. Feel it all. Wrap in it until there is no need for it anymore. Pain’s purpose is to wake us up form the sleep. That’s why it give us a visit when we least expect it.  Bam! We get knocked down by surprise so we can hit harder in that week space with in. Then we rise in full glory. Stronger then ever before.

This is my corner of healing gifts I apply when needed. I wanted to share it with you.  It is easiest to use our body while trying to address emotions. It is most approachable I found. By changing chemically balance in our  body we take a leap in to the profoundly different body-mind-emotion state. State that is bright, blissful and happy. Happy with no particular reason even. Those gifts are gifts from:

-Alkaline diet

-Green smoothies

-Green juices

-Evening Primrose Oil

-Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B 12




-Good fresh wholesome food

-No sugar, coffee, homogenized and pasteurized milk

-Lots of water

-Writing a journal

-Writing your goals down

All these will help  remember how invincible and powerful we are.

There is so much to say to you but for now I am sending you this RAW SUGAR FREE VEGAN CHERRY HEARTS to heal your body and mind. To heal your sweet hearth!

Happy Birthday my dearest friend!


This is what you will need:

3 Cups of coconut shreds

4 Brazil nuts or 8 almonds

1/2 Cup cherries

1/2 Cup dates

tsp vanilla

tsp lemon juice

2 tsp coconut oil

Put all ingredients in to the food processor. Mix it until nice and smooth. Then shape them the way you like and pop them in to the freezer for a bit. 5-10 min. Eat them all if you like and let your heart get whole again. Love, Love, Love and Light to every beings everywhere. Starting with you my dearest!