This morning started with a smile. Smiling golden gluten free, vegan pancakes. We called them dosas.

I needed to go get groceries and fill my kitchen cabinets but I was in the mood for a bit more sleep and warmth of the home. To tired from yesterday’s tree planting I guess.

But kids needed to eat something before they go to school. It was 7 am and I needed the dough ready for 8:30. Usually and ideally we soak legumes ( mung dal ) and grains ( rice) overnight. Then blend them in the morning. I didn’t have time for that. I blended them first then left smooth texture to rest for an hour and a half. Then I added spices and blended again. It was success!


This is what I used:

– about 2 cups whole mung dal

– about 1 cup basmati rice

–  enough water so that mixture can be blended easily in the blender or just to cover grains and legumes

– 1 inch fresh ginger root

– 1 tsp turmeric

– 1 tsp coriander powder

– salt to taste

It was consistency of the crepes, perhaps a bit ticker after blending on high. I heated my iron pan on medium with some coconut oil in it. Then I poured about 1 ladle of the mixture in the pan, waited for pancake to look dry then I turned it over.  .

It was so ease and they never stuck to the pen.