We all love happy healthy babies. Those that sleep a lot, stay healthy and are easy going all the time. Well, that’s ideal. In real life, every mom knows, it’s a bit different. Right?

Ancient wisdom seas not necessarily. We all are coming in to this World with our physiological imbalances and if we get right care, love and attention from the early start those imbalances can be transformed in to balance and harmony. Then our beautiful new souls have opportunity to go ahead and have smooth easy transition in to this World.  That is where nice mama and baby ayurvedic care comes to light.

It is all about bringing our body, mind and emotions in to the state of ease. Even though I think I know all this it seams like I fall in to periodic amnesia. After I fallen I need to climb up. I need to remind my self over and over to use all this good stuff. Stuff that help my life be better. Stuff like simple baby massage.

Therefore I don’t ask you to start implementing ways of natural living in every aspect of you life.  I ask You just to take a chance and contemplate this beautiful idea of gentle birth with love and care. Breastfeeding, nourishing organic and fresh foods for all mammas and babies despite of many challenges we witness in this department. By doing this we are making more space in our lives to put this thought in to action. If not immediately than little by little by letting our attention on this idea, practice will follow.

It is wonderful way to bring change upon us.