Our morning started a bit rough. Mama woke up later then usual. Or maybe just about same time like every other day. But somehow less present and not on the pick of performance. There wasn’t enough time to run. Not perfect right?!

Bogdan our 6 year old, the most energetic kid in the house was grumpy. Way to grumpy for my emotional state. We had tumbling and rumbling.

Then super daddy came in and save the day. He got bare foot (thing he likes to do sometimes in the winter days) and went outside with all three of them. Baby Mila did keep her boots on. That gave me some time to save my self as well. 30 min of yoga will do.

Finally this little treat totally put me in to 5th gear for the day.


I love using our Vita Mix because it can make soups too. That way we can have raw but warm drinks and smoothies during the winter.


Here is the recipe:

– Hand full of chia seeds, soaked previously (I did put hand full non soaked chia along with cup of water and blended on the low, then left for about 30 min. Ideally you would like to soak chia for an hour. Have some soaked in the fridge. That way you always have some ready to use).
– Hand full or a bit less coconut shreds
– 1 apple
– About 1 cup of water
– 4 dates (this was really sweet and if you do not have sweet tooth you can easily go with less)

Change consistency by playing with this ingredients. Add more water if to tick or more coconut if too liquid… HAVE FUN!

If you have little people around, they will LOVE IT! And this is what was left behind.  Along with some creative expression on the side.