Iowa, Winter 2015. This point where no one even dare to talk about weather. When whole community is desperate for some nice walk in the park without looking like a giant marshmallow or Michelin’s tire man.

Time when your hopes are sky rocketing that perhaps tomorrow is gonna be at least above freezing. But no. Instead of flower buds on the ground as a clue that Winter is almost over you get heavily snow fall. Once again. As a clue I guess that only chocolate will save the day.

It was to big of a fuss to drive to our favorite health food store. What to do…kitchen cabinets do not look so tempting…half empty really. Almost depressing.

But I did have few dates and some nuts in the bowl along with nut cracker. That’s why is only 5 of each in the recipe…to hasty to sit there and crack those little hardies. Anyway I used what I had and it really surprised me with such a rich taste. My first chocolate or chocolate fudge cookies actually were complete success!

I started with some nuts and dates in the food processor.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I added some water and oil and some quick oats…as thickener.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlong with honey and few other ingredients.


That is where magic happened.  You must be inventive in order to get that taste of heaven you crave sooo loudly.

Actually magic happened in the food processor.


It was quite sticky so I rolled balls with my hands wet. Then it was so easy. I added piece of almond on the top of the ball and it looked really nice. Pop in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and …this is how it looked. It was gone in no time. Better make double dose.



Here it goes:

5 hazelnuts

5 almonds

5 medjool  dates

50g quick oats

1 tbsp raw cacao

1 tbsp raw honey

1 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil

1 tbsp warm water

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of rock salt

more almonds for the top of the chocolate balls


This raw chocolate fudge is ridiculously easy to make. It took me 1o minutes to make. Add some time to cool in the fridge and you might end with 15min total.