My sick babies are snuggling with me this morning. Third and biggest one, still in it’s own bed. Oversleeping. Mild fever from last night is gone. All in cheerful mood now. My Yogi tea seas ‘May your day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony.’ That is exactly what came true as day progressed. Fast recovery is a result.
yogy recovery
This inspired me to share what am I actually doing when kids are sick. Treatments are definitely changing as I do. For instance, in the past, a decade ago when my now 12 years old was just a toddler I would give him baby Tylenol. Not often though. He had ear infection and needed relief. That ear infection was treated with essential oil and ghee after doctor prescribed antibiotics. Anyway that is different story. But if you are curious you can see it  here.

This days I don’t have need for conventional medicine. Luckily. Or is it really luck? I will leave that up to you.
For me, well I am just sharing my story and not by any means trying to tell you what to do when your kids are sick. That is completely up to you and you only. Perhaps your doctor if you have one. :)

Here we go!

This winter was particularly challenging for most. There were lots of flu and colds going around. With it’s long cold arms it touched our family too. But it was pretty mild. My toddler got fever one day. 6 year old threw up once before sleep and woke up cheerful. Oldest one was coughing for awhile. Is it same thing for all of them? It is hard to say and I usually don’t care. Because what ever it is I know I am dealing with virus or sometimes bacteria. That’s telling me it is time to use remedies and foods that can effectively fight against those bugs. And maybe even more important eliminate foods that will diminish body’s ability to fight back.

*If they have FEVER I am using water vinegar compress around neck, under arm pits and on the legs ( I do this only if fever is more then 103 Fahrenheit and 39 Celsius)

* When I was sick as a kid. My mom will apply grated potato and vinegar compress on my feet. Her favorite fever reducer method. I am still doing that sometimes with my kids.

*Giving them lot’s and lot’s liquids like coconut water, warm tea or lemonade is essential. If kid is still breastfed then I am becoming non stop nursing station. It becomes ridiculous to even consider using bra or anything else then top tank for that matter.

*Warm bath with Epsom salt or MMS

*Belladonna homeopathic tablets

*Complete Cold’n Flu Hyland’s Homeopathic tablets or Chamomile Homeopathic tablets

*Lavender essential oils and Blu Chamomile essential oil rub (this also and particularly Lavender helps fight virus and bacteria too)

*I also giving them MMS like in Keri Rivera’s protocol.
*Now, if they are sneezing and COUGHING I will give them Wild Oregano Oil. Extra vitamin D and food grade vitamin C, Cough or other Homeopathic medicine. Again, Lavender essential oil massage and MMS in the bath or orally.

*One of our family’s favorite remedy for COUGH and respiratory problems is Osha root. We learned that native people of North America chewed on Osha root for good health and to heal any respiratory illnesses. At first was unusual and kind of spicy but fast enough our taste buds adjusted and we just chew on this as someone will on chewing gum. What is so cool about it is that kids are using it with no fuss and it is much cheaper than tincture. Greatest thing about it is that always works! I could start feeling sore throat in the evening. I get piece or two of root of this splendid herb and chew a bit and even go to sleep with the root in my mouth and in the morning…well…my throat is good as new. There is always turmeric and honey mixture 1:1, two times daily. But lately we only use Osha.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou see, this is the most of my medicine cabinet. There are also enemas and cleanses we do on regular basis so we don’t get down with these colds and flu. And there is diet off course. When ever kids get sick, the first thing we eliminate from their diet are  dairy and sugar. I am big fan of prevention method. And for awhile after they get better we will still have  soups, flat bread. Cooking with lot of turmeric and ginger. If they are craving sweets we will make flat bread with honey and cinnamon. Cooked fruit as well.

In the past our diet had more bread, sugar, butter and milk. Now without those foods it is much easier to recover or to escape flu and cold completely. Kids will get really fast through it. My husband and I will get through it more emotionally. Moody, depressed or have some muscle pain in the back. Sometimes if it is really though one like this year, we will experience sore throat and will need to take MMS for few days.

If I need to say  what is helping me the most in fight against the flu than it would be daily dietary habits for sure. Then comes everything else.

I hope you stay happy and healthy this Winter season and stick to the good organic and simple food. :O)